Monday, May 3, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV - Review

While adding a new feature or two, slapping on a few fresh, or ever old faces and releasing it as a new installment is something that Street Fighter fans are very use to. Most had hoped that Capcom was over these addiction, it seems it really is a creature of habit. With the announcement of Super Street Fighter IV, just a year after the release of the original many were skeptical as to if this latest installment could have worked as DLC. Is it worth paying for more of the same, lets have a look at the up's and down's of Super Street Fighter IV.

The Up’s

The Down’s

  • 8 returning and 2 new characters to boost the playable roster up to 35.
  • Each character now has 2 Ultra combo's, rather than 1 from the first game.
  • There has been character balancing, no more Sagat wars.
  • Smashing cars and barrels mini games from SFII have been added.
  • Indestructible, the 'theme' from SFIV is gone, thank god for that.

  • The new announcer sounds utterly horrid compared to announcer for SFIV.
  • There has been no major changes to game play, no 'real' new features have been added, it is much more of the same.
  • The exclusive content that was promised to SFIV owners is two 'colors'.
  • T-Hawk seems unbalanced at a first glance.
  • The time trial and survival modes have been removed, which was a big part of the offline experience.

While for Street Fighter fans, it is always nice to have updates, even if it sets us back quite a bit of money, unless you are a fan of fighters, you could easily skip this installment.

JFE2 Says

I haven't had too much time to play around with SSFIV just yet, but the time that I have spent with it has been nothing short of spectacular. The opening movie alone made me unashamedly giddy like a school girl! Seriously, I could watch that on a loop for the rest of my life and it would never lose its sense of awesomeness.

The gameplay itself has been tweaked ever so slightly, but all for the better. I messed around with Ryu a bit and found his new Ultra to be particularly nice looking. I have yet to really test out the practicality of it, but you can't deny how absolutely epic that shoryuken looks.

I tried playing as Guy for a bit, and he seems to play a lot like his SF Alpha incarnation, which I liked quite a bit. The other new characters all seem interesting enough for me to at least try and mess around with. Juri in particular looks like she would be fun to play as.

Expect some more fleshed out thoughts when I get some more time with the game!

Stay Retro.

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  1. i like the setup of these reviews, short sweet and too the point. it kinda reminds me of judgementday (an old game reviewing show that i admired as a teen)only in written format. I planed on picking this up in the close to soon future.